Brief Profile

Love In Action Ethiopia (LIAE) is an indigenous, not-for-profit, non-governmental charitable organization established and registered in 2001 and reregistered in 2009 with the Ministry of Justice Charities and Societies Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. LIAE aspires to see life improved in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia, by the effort of the people themselves and with the minimum external intervention, focusing on most-at-risk, marginalized, underserved and vulnerable groups of the society.

Over the years, LIAE has grown to serve its target beneficiaries through participatory development programs focusing on creating access to quality education for children and adults, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, gender and special needs, sustainable environment, and capacity development. All through its struggle periods, LIAE has gone far beyond raising awareness, and provided more sustainable and meaningful solutions to the multifaceted socio-economic problems of its target beneficiaries. LIAE fundamentally believes that bringing sustainable change and transforming the society requires building people’s awareness so as to enable them to participate meaningfully and practically in their locality, region and nation.

LIAE has also provided local institutions and regional governments with improved access to meaningful information, and strengthened the capacity of the institutions and the governments to use the information for decision making and planning sustainable development.