Mission/Vision/Core Values

LIAE aspires to see life improved in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia, by the effort of the people themselves and with the minimum external intervention, focusing on most-at-risk, marginalized, underserved and vulnerable groups of the society.

LIAE is committed to bringing sustainable change and transformation among the society through concerned effort of the community and genuine participation of all stakeholders. LIAE, at its heart of activities, promotes people’s awareness so as to enable them participate meaningfully and practically in the development processes of their locality, region and nation.

Strategic Objectives
To achieve our mission and fulfill our vision, we have five strategic objectives. Each strategic objective involves activities that touch the beneficiaries’ lives every day.

  • Deliver quality, safe and effective health and education services for all people.
  • Promote and foster community based environmental protection and enhancement program.
  • Improve community access to drinking water and adequate sanitation system.
  • Establish community infrastructures.
  • Promote and implement quality programs/services which focus on people with disabilities, elderly, women/girls and other less empowered community groups. 

Core Values
Our core values are at the heart of our activities, and define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for.

  • Love

Our work is grounded in love for all humanity, by which we mean the capacity to extend ourselves for the sake of community’s growth.

  • Teamwork

We believe that the best solutions come from working together with colleagues, beneficiaries and partners.

  • Transparency

We practice total openness and candor in all aspects of our work.

  • Impartiality

We carry out our responsibilities in a way that is fair, just and equitable, and reflects our commitment to equality and diversity.

  • Equity

We are committed to diversity in every aspect of our work, and fairly divide our efforts and resources to all our beneficiaries.

  • Commitment

We are determined and dedicated to our vision, mission, objectives and values so as to bring sustainable change in our target communities.