Success Story

Story 1

Roman Bekele 32 age  was born in Gambella Region Gambella town kebele 03, her father was died when she was  five months child. Her mother also  died when she was 11 years old. Due to this reason she discontinued her education from grade five and forced to take care of  her older brother children for about 9 years.
Then latter when she became mature she was starting relationship with her boyfriend and finally married to him and went to Mettema for work purpose and she stayed there for about four years. Her livelihood was based on selling contraband materials. Once up on a time her contraband materials are confiscated  by legal authority and she lost about two hundred thousand birr and she was back to her home land Gambella town and engaged in CSW activity to earn money as a source of income. However she earned more money being CSW, led her to be addicted by alcohol, chat and shisha.  
She was working as a female sex worker for eight years and due to practicing unprotected sex with customers she was infected by HIV AIDS. She stayed without taking ART drugs for three years and finally decided to take ART and enabled to minimize her sexual contacts by protecting herself from taking addiction related drugs. But now she disclosed herself and gave testimony about her past life and engaged in teaching of the most at risk population about HIV transmission, condom use and gender related violence.
She is a role model for other PLHIVs, still do not disclose themselves. She is currently working as a CRP for LIAE Gambella CHCT project  by teaching proper condom use, facilitating index case tasting at health facility, assisted self-testing  and giving care and support services for those who are enrolled to CHCT projects.
Romanis now leading healthful life and protecting not only herself but also others from such behaviors that puts at risk of infected by HIV ADIS.

Tsega Mekuriya is a grade 7 student in Doisha junior school. She is living with her grandmother.  As she said, before Her Choice project implementation started she doesn’t know detail about SRH & related issues. Fortunately, When the project implementation started she has got the opportunity to participant on model school Peer educators` training (MSPEs) which conducted in site level. After her completion of the training her awareness raised and she became model facilitator in the girl club of Doisha Junior School. Currently, she produced many poem focused on the contents of Maharabe manual and on the area SRH& related issues. She can facilitate training session confidently. Because of her behavioral change many students become motivated to willing to engage in Meharabe PE session. She also appreciates the program and Kinderpostegels for provision of this opportunity to improve knowledge about SRH and helps to brought behavioral change that has significant impact on adolescent girls who have great responsibility of next generation. The following is sample poem that she prepared and share for Maharabe program participants‹‹ዓለም ከእኔ ትጀምራለች›› in English it is translated as “The world start with me”